Quintessential Tips On Buying Products Online

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From tip to toe, no matter what product you are looking for, you will get it online. The online shopping sites have much to offer to its customers, even more then they require. There are now countless reasons which portray why you should start shopping online. From secure shopping to faster checkout, from an endless range of option to choose to easy returns, the list of the reasons for shopping online is endless. This is the age when you don’t need to go to the stores for picking up a particular product. Now you can sit at home and choose from the hundreds of varieties of products that are available online.

But, with pros come cons. As the online stores are building up, the number of fraudulent stores is also increasing along with them. There are now plenty of stores available online who dupe their customers with false promises. Though the sites may look secure and are filled with mind-blogging products like the genuine sites, in reality, there is a criminal, fraudulent sitting behind the computers and stealing money from others. So, while going for online shopping, there are few pointy to remember which would help you to save yourself from getting trapped in the trap of the mischiefs.

So, let us have a look at some of the best tips which would help you to shop online safely:

  1. Look for SSL secured sites

    If you are using your debit/credit card to buy something from the online shopping sites, always look for a site that is secured with the SSL which is the secure socket layer encryption. SSL is a security protocol which encrypts all the links between the browser and the web server. The SSL is a certification which ensures that all the data that is exchanged with a browser and the web server remains encrypted. And not only do you need to look for SSL, but also make sure that the site is secured. A secured site will have an URL which will have HTTPS instead of the HTTP, the ‘S’ stands for secured and there will also be an icon of padlock at the end of the browser So, while making online payment, make sure that the site is secured else you may end up transferring your data to  a fraudulent store.

    SSL secured sites
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  2. Go for the sites that you are familiar with

    Though trying out new sites is not at all a bad idea, but sticking up to the familiar sites is a wise idea that is always recommended. If you search for a product in a search engine, you will come across thousands of websites who will lure you to buy the product from them. Sao, if you are looking for a product, it always recommended searching for it in a familiar shopping site. While looking for a product on a new website, keep your eyes open for misspelled products such as ‘soch dresses‘ is misspelled as ‘sauch dresses’ and also for the usage of a top-level domain for instance .net. These are some of the oldest trick used by the shopping websites for luring the customers to their trap. And also look out for false review.

    online shopping
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  3. Download shopping apps for mobiles

    In a survey done by the NRF, it has been found that more than 30% of people who check the products via their smartphones don’t end up buying them. But it is high time to dupe those trends and start going for the apps and buy the products through the app and also make payments through them only. These are apps are secured from all kinds of threats and are developed in such a way so that the data thieves can’t get access to them. Moreover, shopping through the apps of the online shopping websites will leave you with the better user experience.

    shopping apps
    Source: https://www.imore.com/best-apps-uk-shopping-holiday-season

4. Use strong passwords

The stronger and unique your password is, the more secure you are. It is one of the most important points that you need to remember while going for banking or shopping online. There are plenty of tips that you will find online which would help you to build a strong password for yourself. Shopping on new sites means building a new account, and while building a new account, you need to set a password for that account and during that time, make sure that the password is strong and cannot be cracked easily.

 Use strong passwords
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5. Secure your computer

Ok. Let us come to an important point that is the security of your computer. Even though you may find your computer perfect, but all your data may be vulnerable to the hackers. The hackers don’t wait for you to enter the data on the website. If there is a Trojan or other malicious file in your computer, the hackers can gain easy access to your computer and steal all your data. So, if you are using a computer, make sure that you have a good antivirus installed in your pc which would help you to protect your data from the eyes of the hackers. Go through the reviews of the best antivirus available and choose one of them and install it on your pc today.

Secure your computer
Source: https://technicallyeasy.net/protecting-computer-involve-antivirus/

6. Check statements

If you are waiting for the bill to arrive at the end of the month, then you are making a big mistake. You should always keep a regular track of your credit card and debit card bills and if you find any fraudulent charges, contact the bank officials at once and inform them about the fraudulent charges which you consider has been charged without your knowledge.

Check statements
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